What We Do


Design by the Jonathans offers a wide array of Interior Design services. Through a combination of creative design, sensible and realistic implementation methods, integration of technology solutions, friendliness, reliability, and a flare for all things beautiful, we create spaces for living, working, and playing that are beautiful, functional, and specific to your personal taste.

Services We Offer

Design Consultations

A consultation is a quick and efficient way to introduce high quality design into your home and develop your thoughts and ideas into a coherent image. Whether you need your existing furniture and furnishings rearranged or a complete renovation or addition, the design consultation will assist in determining the full scope of your project and create a baseline concept that can be developed and evolved into the ideal design solution for you and your home.

Interior Design Services

We design stunning formal and informal living and dining spaces, dens and family rooms, bedrooms, entryways and hallways, garages, sunrooms, studies, and a variety of other spaces. Additionally, we can create whole-home solutions for a coherent design for every space in your home, including homes that have yet to be built.

Kitchen Design

We offer kitchen design for all sizes, styles, and budgets! The kitchen is the heart of your home, and remodeling it is one of the most important investments that you can make. As an accomplished home cook, Jonathan Gordon brings his practical knowledge of kitchens to the forefront to create spaces that are both beautiful and fully functional.

Bathroom Design

Your bathroom is one of the only places in your home that is truly private. The best bathrooms are not only functional, but truly improve your quality of life through excellent design. Design by the Jonathans creates stellar bathrooms of all sizes, styles, and budgets, making the most of the available space to deliver outstanding results.

Design of Specialized Rooms

We create stellar home offices and shop spaces, media rooms, home theaters, hobby rooms, playrooms, themed rooms, home libraries, game rooms, and much more. We also outfit these rooms with the appropriate furnishings and technologies to ensure that the end product is turn-key.

Lighting Design

Specific, elegant, and bright lighting can transform any space from dim and gloomy to warm and inviting. We provide full lighting and electrical control plans for any space, and customize lighting solutions to include highlight paintings, sculptures, and other artwork or features that a homeowner wishes to emphasize.

Universal Design Solutions

Universal Design means “design for everyone”, regardless of ability or disability, age, and other factors that make each of us unique. The core value of Universal Design is a space must be both accessible and beautiful, embodying both function and form together. Lead designer Jonathan Gordon is certified in Universal Design by Harvard University.

Aging in Place Design Solutions

Design for Aging in Place is a specific subset of Universal Design that is geared toward clients who plan to stay in their homes, rather than move to assisted living facilities later in life.

Antique Furniture

Design by the Jonathans offers antique furniture acquisition and restoration assistance services to provide beauty and the quality without the stratospheric price tag. We take pride in restoring pieces to their former grandeur.

Personalized Shopping

Design by the Jonathans offers personalized shopping trips for furniture, accessories, antiques, and other items that a client would like to acquire. We offer a strong knowledge of local sources, a keen eye for the right pieces, and access to designer prices for merchandise.

The Three Guarantees

When you hire Design by the Jonathans for your project, we provide you with three guarantees:

1. Initial Design Consultation Satisfaction Guarantee

Every project begins with the Initial Design Consultation.  The consultation is billable, but if for any reason you find that you're not happy with the way things are going, all you need to do is let us know - the process will stop, and you won't owe a penny - guaranteed!

2. Plans and Renderings Satisfaction Guarantee

Renovation projects of any type, including kitchen and bathroom renovations, require a set a plans and renderings for obtaining building permits, providing contractor direction, and letting you see what your space will become.  We will change and reiterate the plans and renderings as many times as needed until you're happy with them, free of charge - guaranteed!

3. Access to the Designer's Discount

If you decide to shop with Design by the Jonathans, you'll have access to the designer discount: 100% of the discount for furniture and furnishings, and 2/3 of the discount for fixtures and finishes such as tile, stone, plumbing, and lighting - guaranteed!