Kitchen Design

Heart of the Home

The kitchen is the most important space in your home. Whether you're a professional chef or have never cooked at all, the kitchen is the place where your family and friends always seem to gather. The best kitchens encourage activity - imagine cooking in a fantastic new space, the way you always imagined the perfect kitchen to be, with the aromas of your favorite recipe wafting through the air. Or perhaps you'll spend time with your loved ones, teaching the next generation the old family recipes.

Form and Function

Some clients want a kitchen to be extremely durable and functional, while others would prefer that it be a design statement first and foremost. Design by the Jonathans creates exquisite and highly functional kitchens specifically for you and the way you want to use your space.

Getting it Right

A kitchen renovation is a major undertaking, so it's important to understand both the process and the financial commitment that is required to make it a success. Before you sign with a contractor, meet with a kitchen designer! Design by the Jonathans offers design for kitchens of all sizes, styles, and budgets.

The Design Process

The kitchen design process is as follows:

1. Initial Consultation
2. Space Measurement
3. Plans and Renderings Development
4. Contractor Meetings
5. Shopping for Fixtures and Finishes
6. Construction

If you'd like to learn more about our kitchen design process,

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