Design Consultations

The Process

A design consultation is the first foray into any design project in your home - whether you'd like a new kitchen or bathroom, are furnishing a living space, or just want some information about the right color to paint your walls, the consultation is there to point you in the right direction.  The consultation itself is a meeting to examine your space, and a way for your designer to get to know you, your wants, and your needs - all very important in creating a personalized design.  The end result is a written "roadmap" provided by email that explains what needs to happen in order to move your project forward.

The Problem with Free Consultations

There are plenty of firms that offer free design consultations - but, there's a catch.  When a company offers a free design consultation, they aren't doing it because they want to be nice - they expect to make their money back!  The easiest way to do this is to mark up products that you purchase, or to charge an arbitrary flat fee for the overall service, whether it's selecting furniture and furnishings for your living room or designing and installing a new kitchen.  For every client that a firm lands with a free consultation, there is at least one other that they don't land - and they make up the cost by raising the price of your project!

The Better Way

Design by the Jonathans does charge for the design consultation - rather than riddling the process with hidden costs, we like our clients to understand exactly what they are getting up-front.  But to make sure that it's worth your while we have a guarantee:

If for any reason you decide during the consultation that you're not pleased, just let us know and you won't owe a penny!  By offering this guarantee, we ensure that our clients are getting something truly worthwhile for their money.

The Consultation Process

The design consultation process is as follows:

1. Phone call to discuss the project and arrange a day and time
2. In-person meeting
3. Suggestions and recommendations
4. "Roadmap" email to lay out the next steps


To schedule your design consultation,

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