Design by the Jonathans takes pride in our work, and we’re excited to share the results. These galleries showcase some of the best and most recent examples of our work.  All of our projects are designed specifically to reflect the taste and style of our clients.  We update these pages regularly, so be sure to check in and see what's new!


The kitchen is the heart of your home. Whether you're a professional chef or have never cooked at all, the kitchen is still the place where everyone gathers, and it is the top space that buyers consider when purchasing a home. A kitchen renovation is almost always a good investment, and Design by the Jonathans works diligently to tailor your space to your specific style and taste, while ensuring broad appeal and excellent functionality.  Click here to visit the gallery!


When properly designed, your bathroom isn't just a utilitarian space - it can be a spa-like retreat from which you can derive real and lasting joy. Be it large or small, Design by the Jonathans creates bathrooms that maximize the available space while creating room that make functional and aesthetic sense. Regardless of your budget, we can deliver a space that you'll be excited to use every day.  Click here to visit the gallery!

Living & Dining

Living rooms and dining rooms have always been considered to be formal spaces. Design by the Jonathans uses the formality of these spaces as an opportunity to showcase your specific style, often integrating existing furniture, furnishings and artwork into these spaces to develop a unique and memorable look. Additionally, just because a space is branded "formal" does not mean that it should be stuffy, stodgy, or unused. Our designs are intended to be used and loved, day in and day out.  Click here to visit the gallery!

Dens & Bedrooms

The informal living spaces, dens and bedrooms are often neglected from an aesthetic standpoint. Design by the Jonathans brings fantastic design concepts to these rooms in order to elevate your home and let your personality shine through. At their best, dens and great rooms can function as fantastic entertaining spaces, while bedrooms can become the ultimate retreat and getaway.  Click here to visit the gallery!

Whole Home

Whole home design means either the design of an entire home, or the design of multiple spaces. A home can be designed to follow a single design logic with picture-perfect results, or it can be addressed room by room to create a fantastically diverse and memorable series of spaces.  Click here to visit the gallery!


Commercial design can be so many things, but for purposes of our portfolio it refers to restaurant, office, and public space design. No matter how large or small, Design by the Jonathans handles all aspects of commercial design, including space planning, finishes, furniture, and furnishings.  Click here to visit the gallery!